Be My Eyes: Hans Jørgen Wiberg at TEDxCopenhagen

Most people don’t really know how Be My Eyes started – in a little town in Denmark called Aarhus. And though it’s now grown to a global community of more than half a million people, it all started with one blind guy with a great idea.

Our founder Hans Jørgen is not a software developer. Nor would he describe himself as particularly tech-savvy. He is visually impaired, trained in philosophy and works as a craftsman. But first and foremost, Hans Jørgen has big ideas and a deep interest in improving society however possible.

In the following video from a conference in Copenhagen, Hans Jørgen tells the story of how he came up with the idea for a simple app that has become a small revolution in the world of volunteering:

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All the best,
– Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, Community Director at Be My Eyes

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